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Located in the eastern part of Huiquan Bay, Qingdao, Badaguan is a famous villa area and tourist resort. By the roads and among the trees and flowers stand over 200 villas showing various architectural sytles of different countries, hence the name the "International Architecture Museum". The well-known villas include Flower Stone Tower, Princess Building, the Songs Garden, etc. 

Baguyuan Sichuan Tea Restaurant

Add : 289 East Shuhan Rd., Yangxixian

Tel : 0086-28-87526699

Baiyangdian Lake

Baiyangdian Lake

As the largest freshwater lake on the Hebei Plain, the Baiyangdian Lake boasts a water area of up to 500 square km. The Lake has the beautiful and unique waterside appeal, and also teams with rich aquatic products, including fish and shrimps. Tourists may also watch fishermen catching fish in the Lake and experience the fishermen's life here. 

Bank Hotel


Add: 399 Youth Rd., Kunming

Tel. +0086-871-3158888

Baoguang Qingzang Accessories Store

Add: 138 Nanguan Street, Xining

Tel: 0086-971-8221999

Bashu Laozao Chafing Dish

Add : 5-7 Majia Garden, Chengdu

Tel : 0086-28-87645739

Bei Hai Park

Bei Hai Park

Centrally located to the east of the Forbidden City, Beihai Park is a great place to visit during the day or evening. Local gather to sing, dance or practice Tai Chi. Enjoy a meal or something to drink in one of the many restaurants or bars that surround the lake. Perhaps hire a boat and enjoy the lake itself

Beidaihe Resort

Beidaihe Resort

Being a national resort and scenic spot in China, Beidaihe is 15 km away from Qinhuangdao City in the southwest, and neighborts the Lianfeng Mountain in the north and the Bohai Sea in the south. It is proud of the radiant and enchanting views, pleasant climate, and mild temperatures all year round. Even in the hottest June and July, the average temperature is only 23℃. The entire scenic sopt is roughly 13 km long and 2 km wide, forming a narrow coastal zone from the Geziwo and the Jinshanzui in the east to the estuary of the Daihe River in the west. With the soft sand and even beach, it is a good place to enjoy the seaweather bath. Beidaihe is a famous tourist attraction in China, and also a summer & recuperation resort famous at home and abroad. 

Beifu Grand Hotel


Add: 40 Wusi Street, Xining

Tel. +86-971-6155666

Beiguo Shopping Mall

Add: 188 Zhongshan E.Rd., Shijianzhuang

Tel: 0086-311-85231333

Beihai Silver Beach

Beihai Silver Beach

Located at the southern point of Beihai Peninsula and stretching as long as 24 kilometers, it is a national scenic zone of AAAA level and is characterized by long and flat beaches, soft and white sands, temperate and cear water, gentle waves with no turbulent current or biological hazards. With an annual average water temperature of 23.7˚C, the sea is suitable for sswimming from March to November, and the air is especially refreshing. The Silver Beach has a lot of recreational sport activities, such as speedboat on the sea, motorboat, bicycle on the sea, boat sailing, surfing, dynamic parachute, beach karting, beach football and beach volleyball. Visitors will have a happy time there. Now Silver Beach is open to visitors free of charge. 

Beijing Capital Xindadu Hotel


Add: 21 Chegongzhuang St., Beijing 
Tel: 0086-­10-­68319988

Beijing Hotel


Add: 33 E. Chang’an Ave., Beijing 

Tel: 0086­-10-­65137766

Beijing Landmark Towers


Add: 8 Dongsanhuan N. Rd., Beijing
Tel: 0086-­10-­65906688

Beijing Zoo

Beijing Zoo

If your China journey will not take you to the West of China to view the Giant Panda in its natural habitat, then Beijing Zoo might you offer you the next best option.

Beijing Zoo offers a park like setting with a traditional Chinese garden style. In addition to China’s iconic Panda , there is the opportunity to experience rare and unique wild life such as the Golden snub nosed Monkey from Sichuan province, Manchurian Tigers, the smaller and less well known Red Panda and many other species from around the world.

Formally opened in 1908, the Beijing Zoo is on the site of an Imperial Manor from the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644). Later plant and animals were cultivated and grown here during the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911).

Beijing Zoo has also been the home of the Beijing Aquarium since 1999.