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About China

 China, an ancient Oriental country with a 5,000-year history of civilization, has become a major world-renowned tourist country in the 21st century because of its unique historical and cultural connotations, picturesque natural scenery and rapidly developing modern image.

 Over China's land area of 9.6 million sq km, historical sites and beautiful landscapes can be seen everywhere, which will make every tourist gasp in admiration. The world-renowned historical and cultural sites display the prosperity and splendor of ancient China. In addition, China embraces boundless deserts, vast grasslands and elegant waterside towns. With 43 world heritages, 137 AAAAA  tourism zones, profound culture and appealing landscapes, China boasts unparalleled tourism resources.

 China has a large number of ethnic groups, each of them having its unique colorful customs and culture. Various types of folk customs and festivals will make every participant intoxicated.

When traveling in China, both domestic and foreign tourists will surely experience conveniences and security brought about by the construction of modernizations Enthusiastic and hospitable Chinese people welcome you to China